Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yard Work

Hurricane Irene took down half of the big hickory tree in the front yard.  Some of said tree landed on Oscar.  It turns out Oscar was knocked slightly of the stand.  Jack and I straightened the hive up yesterday before the temperature got above 50F and the bees started moving.  We also managed to cut the rest of the branches away from the hive and got them moved away.

Usually procrastination is a bad thing.  This time waiting to clean up the tree from the front yard paid off. The wood was drier and lighter and split better.  The weather was cooler and therefore the bees were not an issue.  All and all, about a cord of hickory with a bit of oak mixed in.

After Irene

After Snowtober

Cut And Split

Stacked on the Porch

Leaves Blown, Sticks Raked, and Grass Cut