Friday, April 23, 2010

Top Bars and Followers

Assembled three follower boards and 23 top bars for the KTBH today.  14 of the top bars are solid, based on Lyonville Fletcher's blog.  The remaining 9 are square bars with the chamfers from cutting the solid bars as comb guide.  Need another  2x4 to finish up making the approximately 32 top bars one would need to completely fill a 48" KTBH.  Gotta love a table saw.  Should be able to knock together the hive body tomorrow and I may even get to the legs.

Lots of anecdotal posts on the bee forums about packages absconding .  I think I may make the extra follower board into a queen "includer" since I have a couple of plastic queen excluders.  I will just cut a hole in the follower board and fasten the excluder over it.

 Solid Top Bar

Chamfer Top Bar

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