Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Feeding

I put the last of 10 gallons of 2:1 sugar syrup + essential oils on the hives today.  The temperature is still into the 60s so the girls are out foraging.  I closed up the entrances of the Langstroths with reducers on the large opening.  I will shut them down to the small opening once the temperature stays in the 40s or lower.

Felix looked good with comb visible in most of the bars in the upper deep.  Nairobi is still kind of small with comb on only 9 bars.  Oscar doesn't have much in the 3rd deep, but with 2 undivided deeps below it should be ok.

I need to get screen to make condensers out of shallows and wood shavings in order to keep the moisture down in the Langs over the winter.  I will probably do that this weekend if they have finished off all the syrup.  Nothing but fondant and pollen patties for everybody once this syrup is gone,

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