Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Couple of Quick Inspections

Nairobi is continuing to build comb.  I added a couple of more bars and removed the cork from the third entrance hole.  I pulled bars from the entrance backward until I found the queen.  Combs have capped and uncapped brood, pollen, capped and capped honey.  Nairobi looks set so I am going to leave it alone for a couple of weeks to give the girls time to build out.

Oscar has comb on all the frames except #9 and #10.  I did not pull any more as I am waiting until this weekend to do a more thorough inspection.  Since the brood chamber had 80% of the frames being built upon, I went ahead and added the hive body that will be the honey reserve.  I also removed the queen excluder since there should be drones hatching soon and they need to get out.

Oscar with the honey reserve deep installed

Felix got the least attention today because those bees have only been there since Sunday.  I checked the level of syrup in the feeder and removed the entrance reducer to help with the traffic jams.  I will add the second deep this weekend and let them get started on their winter reserves.

Felix with a little more access for the bees

It is rather green this year

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