Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nairobi First Inspection

Bright sunny day in the 70s, so I checked on the progress in the KTBH. The bees had comb on six of the seven bars available. Looks very straight. I pulled all the bars and saw signs of pollen and syrup storage, but no eggs, larvae, or capped brood. I did spot the queen. They are putting up stores and building comb, so I removed the queen includer follower board.  I will give them another five days or so and then go back in and check.

I also removed the entrance reducer from Oscar's top entrance to reduce traffic jams. The bees are very busy and are still bringing in 10^3 kg of pollen. They are not taking much syrup these days.

 Nairobi opened up and a top bar out for inspection.

The queen is in there somewhere.

10^3kg = a metric ton :)

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