Friday, July 16, 2010

Nairobi Has Brood

I looked in on the new MN Hygienic queen that is in Nairobi to see how she is doing.  I found lots of capped brood and open cells with larvae.  Also some drone cells, capped and open, at the far end of the hive.  There are 6 bars with brood and one with new comb.  Once the brood starts hatching in a few weeks I hope they get to work putting up stores for this winter.  There is some honey across the tops of the bars, but not nearly enough to last.  I plan on feeding 2:1 syrup with essential oils and pollen patties starting after the golden rod and other fall bloomers come in.

The other two hives, Oscar and Felix are busy as usual.  No action in the supers and I did not pull frames on either.

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