Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nairobi Is Progressing Nicely.

Nairobi has comb on nine bars, eight of which have brood.  They are starting to put up honey on the ninth bar and have some capped honey across the tops of the comb on the other eight.  The brood bars are 1/2 to 2/3 filled with comb with lots of capped brood and larvae completely fill the comb.  I hope that since bar 9 is only honey that it means the recently matured workers are now putting up stores for the winter.  These bees were very calm today and did not raise a fuss even though I pulled most of the bars looking for the queen.

Lots of brood

Capped honey on the last bar

Felix has started to fill the top deep and so has Oscar.  Neither hive has started on the supers and may not get to them this year.  If they fill the reserves on the remaining summer and fall blossoms, that would be great.  I did not go into these hive past pulling a bar from each reserve.  They are healthy, busy, and happy, although not quite as docile as Nairobi.

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